Bamana Caftan 01.

Bamana Caftan 01.

The B A M A N A C O L L E C T I O N is a collaboration between Weave + Gather in Boulder, Colorado x Summer Vega. Each piece in the limited edition Collection is created with antique Bamana' textiles, sourced from a small village in Mali, Africa. These textiles are extremely rare, naturally dyed mud cloths in soft, muted tonal colors + patterns, each created entirely by hand, spun + woven from the fiber up.

Summer transformed these one of a kind, handmade textiles into sacred garments, meant to adorn your body with love + history, each a piece of wearable art, meant to be loved + cherished for years to come.

This particular piece is medium weight, soft, in a gorgeous muted beige + creme pattern + is designed to fit loose + flowy. Looks beautiful over a dress, swimsuit, linen or denim. Perfect as an extra layer for travel.

open size, fits an XS to XL

100% natural woven cotton + natural plant based dyes

one of a kind

*due to the delicate nature of the textiles + fibers used, hand washing is strongly recommended + it is not necessary to wash after every use.